About the Author

Kelly Trop, who invariably makes this face when photographed, graduated in May 2011 from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, USA with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. She studied an all-required, interdisciplinary program based on reading, analyzing, and discussing some of the most important and influential books of Western civilization.

She is especially fond of science fiction, short stories, swing dancing, singing, sculpting, socializing, and alliteration. Originally from Pennsylvania, she has traveled up and down the East Coast and been to every national park, state park, and national monument on the West Coast. She has been to Canada, western Europe, Mexico, Ecuador, and the Galapagos, where she was pursued by an overly-friendly sea turtle. Sometimes it writes her postcards, but she does not respond.

From August 10th to April 27th, she’ll be working with the 2Seeds Network on the Kijungumoto Project in Kijungumoto, Tanzania! This is her personal blog; the main project blog is here.


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